El Mesón de la Cava

The Mesón de la Cava Restaurant opened its doors for the first time in 1967, since then it has been one of the most distinguished restaurants both by the Dominican public and by tourists who visit us from all over the world.

An idyllic outdoor space endowed with exotic and tropical vegetation, which we have turned into a scene for multiple activities, from weddings, musical events, romantic dinners… The terraces adapt like a theater stage to all your needs

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Our menu

  • Lobster cake

    DOP 595.00
    Creamy yucca dough with a lobster filling, accompanied by a slightly spicy sauce based on siracha and aioli.
  • Brie cheese arancinis

    DOP 465.00
    Arancinis filled with brie cheese on a chorizo emulsion.
  • Croquettes of serrano ham or chicken

    DOP 465.00
    Soft and creamy croquettes with passion fruit or tartar sauce.
  • Mix seafood antipasto

    DOP 845.00
    Lobster, shrimps, octopus, grouper, baby calamar.
  • Wood Grilled Octopus

    DOP 965.00
    Grilled octopus with a touch of smoke and herbs.
  • Roman style fried calamari

    DOP 565.00
    Breaded calamari, mounted in tartar sauce.
  • Pork belly with fried yucca

    DOP 895.00
    Pork belly cooked in the oven, served with fried yuccas bathed with tanned onions and creamy avocado dressing.
  • Focaccia Margarita

    DOP 425.00
    Fresh artisan bread, baked with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.
  • Italian Sausage Focaccia

    DOP 695.00
    Artisanal fresh bread, baked with Italian sausages and mozzarella cheese.
  • Focaccia de Langosta

    DOP 995.00
  • Balsamic and Parmesan Focaccia

    DOP 345.00
    Fresh artisan bread, baked with rosemary, accompanied by olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese.
  • Pork belly tacos - Available only in Terrace and Garden

    DOP 495.00
    Chopped pork belly, pico de gallo and cheese sauce in a flour tortilla.
  • Fish tacos - Available only in Terrace and Garden

    DOP 525.00
    Breaded grouper fillet strips with coleslaw salad and avocado mayonnaise.
  • Heaven's carnitas

    DOP 645.00
    Chickpea hummus with ground beef fillet and piñolis, accompanied by crispy chips.
  • Eggplant parmigiana

    DOP 495.00
    thin slices of eggplant baked with marinara and parmesan cheese.
  • Rock shrimps

    DOP 725.00
    Tempura fried shrimp with sriracha sauce.
  • Nachos de la Cava - Available only in Terrace and Garden

    DOP 645.00
    Freshly made tortilla chips, covered with beef picadillo, beans sauce, cheddar cheese, gratin mozzarella cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and jalapeños.
  • Pumpkin cream

    DOP 395.00
    Pumpkin cream soup with walnut butter
  • Traditional Caesar salad

    DOP 595.00
    Romaine lettuce heart leaves, with a soft dressing of anchovies, egg and mustard, Parmesan cheese and croutons a la Provence.
  • Caesar salad with chicken

    DOP 670.00
  • Caesar salad with shrimps

    DOP 785.00
  • Caesar salad with steak

    DOP 895.00
  • Caprese salad

    DOP 585.00
    Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, avocado in season and basil.
  • Santa Fé salad

    DOP 675.00
    Mexican-style salad with a mixture of chicken breast, spices and a bean vinaigrette.
  • Cave man chops

    DOP 2,465.00
    20 oz imported pork chops, suggested for two people.
  • Cave man steak

    DOP 3,295.00
    24 oz flat meat, suggested for 2 people. Recommended terms: half and three quarters.
  • Chef selection steak

    DOP 1,495.00
    10 oz beef fillet, with mushroom demi-glace and truffle oil, served with risotto cake. Recommended terms: half and three quarters.
  • Skirt steak Black Angus Certified

    DOP 1,895.00
    Certified Black Angus or Prime, charcoal grilled, served with bernaise or chimichurri sauce, 10 oz.
  • Pork ribs in BBQ sauce

    DOP 925.00
    Cooked at a low temperature and baked with wood from guava, bathed in our homemade BBQ sauce, accompanied by grilled corn and coleslaw.
  • Dijon Mustard Fillet

    DOP 1,345.00
    Fillet sealed in a thin layer of panko with dijón sauce, flambéed with bearnaise and brandy, accompanied by our double-roasted potato.
  • Red charcoal steak

    8 onzas DOP 995.00. 10 onzas DOP 1,250.00
    Accompanied by a sauce of your choice, pepper sauce, mushroom sauce with vodka, minion sauce, chimichuri sauce, bearnaise.
  • Rib eye steak Black Angus Certified

    DOP 2,690.00
    Certified Black Angus, Grain Fed, 16 oz.
  • Tournedos in bernaise sauce

    DOP 1,295.00
    Tournedos of beef steak mounted on french bread, bathed in berneasa sauce and flamed.
  • Breast of chicken Monterrey

    DOP 725.00
    Tenderized chicken breast fillet with BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese, with bacon chips, fresh tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.
  • Breast of chicken in white wine with mushrooms and bacon

    DOP 750.00
    Accompanied with linguine "Aglio e Olio"
  • Boneless stewed goat

    DOP 1,175.00
    Accompanied by chen chen and fried greens plantains.
  • Grilled rack of lambs

    Onza DOP 195.00
  • Colossal shrimp with garlic - ¡New!

    DOP 2,595.00
    Con la guarnición de su elección.
  • Grilled shrimp or in garlic sauce

    DOP 1,195.00
    Lightly marinated shrimp.
  • Shrimp au gratin

    DOP 1,215.00
    Shrimp gratin in cream cheese sauce and fine herbs.
  • Creole lobster

    Onza DOP 125.00
  • Lobster thermidor

    Onza DOP 125.00
    Lobster in thermidor sauce with mushrooms.
  • Garlic lobster

    Onza DOP 125.00
  • Grilled shrimp (24 ounces)

    DOP 1,985.00
  • Chillo Mesón

    DOP 1,425.00
    Breaded fish with creamy shrimp and mushroom sauce, a light touch of Tio Pepe, accompanied by crispy potatoes and fine herbs.
  • Cod a la spiritual

    DOP 895.00
    A creamy Norwegian cod accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables.
  • Fillet of grouper meuniere

    DOP 1,460.00
    Served in a lemon butter sauce, capers and anchovies.
  • Fillet of grouper Catalan

    DOP 1,460.00
    Grilled grouper fillet with serrano ham and pesto black olives.
  • Grilled grouper fillet

    DOP 1,385.00
  • Grilled salmon fillet

    DOP 1,185.00
    Served with charcoal-roasted red pepper sauce.
  • Cedar planked salmon fillet

    DOP 1,295.00
    Wood-fired on a cedar board, glazed in syrup de maple and artisan mustard.
  • Risotto de camarones

    DOP 1,425.00
  • Black bean risotto

    . DOP 795.00
    With pork belly and chorizo
  • Our signature paella marinera

    2 personas DOP 2,115.00. 4 personas DOP 4,065.00. 6 personas DOP 6,375.00. 10 personas DOP 10,085.00
    Saffron rice with a mixture of lobster, shrimp, clams and mahi-mahi, cooked slowly to a successful socarrat (concón). Average duration (50 min.)
  • Cajun jambalaya rice

    DOP 925.00
    Cajun-style rice cooked, slightly spicy, with shrimp, pork rinds and chorizo. (25 min.)
  • Shrimp asopao

    DOP 1,125.00
  • Linguini Cacio e Pepe

    DOP 1,425.00
    Linguini cacio e pepe trufado, con pancetta y churrasco importado
  • Seafood linguini in garlic or pomodoro sauce

    DOP 1,295.00
  • Aurora linguine with shrimp

    Dry tomato pesto, parmesan cheese and bacon.
    Dry tomato pesto, parmesan cheese and bacon.
  • Fetucinni prosciutto and spinach

    DOP 745.00
  • Rustic penne with chicken and shrimp

    DOP 845.00
    Bathed in mushroom sauce, spinach and prosciutto, gratin with mozzarella cheese.
  • Bolognese lasagna - Available only on terrace and garden

    DOP 625.00
    Fresh pasta with beef filling stewed with neapolitan sauce.
  • Skilled conchignolis filled with ricotta cheese and spinach

    DOP 745.00
  • Spagetti with a lentil bolognesse sauce

    DOP 625.00
  • Mushroom casserolle with a touch of red wine served with truffed rustic potato

    DOP 685.00
  • Surprise

    DOP 695.00
    Crunchy balls of sweet rice, stuffed with nutella, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • Red velvet lava cake a la moda

    DOP 425.00
  • Milk candy melt

    DOP 395.00
    Accompanied by a scoop of ice cream.
  • Traditional Baked Coconut Fudge with ice cream

    DOP 450.00
  • Chocolate secret

    DOP 425.00
    Three layers of milk chocolate, sour mousse and brownie.
  • New York style strawberry cheesecake

    DOP 395.00
  • Chocolate pudding "El derrumbao" served with vanilla ice cream

    DOP 425.00
  • Coconut flan

    DOP 375.00
  • Tres leches with seasonal fruits

    DOP 345.00
  • Pistachio Ice Cream

    DOP 345.00
  • Hot chocolate sundae with vanilla ice cream

    DOP 525.00


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